shinara & arafuku kink meme fills

shinkai & arakita ♡ R18 ♡ 1975 words
food play, bananas, mangoes

arakita & fukutomi (feat. kinjou, shinkai) ♡ R18 ♡ 2695 words
butt holes, tit fucking, selfies
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basically if you request hakogaku pairs there is a 99% chance i will appear out of nowhere to fill it because i’ll just be so happy that you want them

25 shinkai+arakita kisses

joanna & i did some sort of fic exchange, and wrote 25 drabbles of our OTP kissing based on these prompts together. we randomly split the prompts in half, and i wrote arakita→shinkai kisses, while she wrote shinkai→arakita kisses!!

4/2 is arakita’s birthday, as well as shin/ara day, so we figured it’d be the perfect occasion to post these. we hope you’ll enjoy them~♫ these range from PG to R18!!

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